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CEO and owner Polly McCormick of Beach Family Rehabilitation Center for 14 years in Huntington Beach, California. Polly has studied at the University of Florida School of Medicine.Polly has also studied with the ACADC Institute,and is a certified drug and alcohol counselor.Polly's specialties include Med-X Neck and Back Rehabilitation,MyofascialRelease,Neuromuscular Therapy,Pre and Post Natal massage,women's issues,and persons in recovery. With her sensitivity to critical care patients,she integrates both Eastern and Western techniques in her treatment protocols.
Polly has sat on the Board of Directors at SeaCiiff Country Club.Polly continues her advocacy for women's,children's,animal,addicts,and environmental issues.Polly has been involved with The Huntington Beach Youth Shelter,Pediactric Cancer Research,PETA,and a member and sponsor of Top Gun Tennis Tournament.Polly's work embraces change,and the 12 Step approach to a holistic recovery program.Polly currently is the Wellness Director at Dee's House,a woman's recovery center in Huntington Beach,and teaches in the outpatient recovery center of Pacific Coast Recovery Center Mission Hospital in Laguna Beach,CA.Polly is an avid tennis player,and plays for the USTA.

image Mike McCormick came to Huntington Beach, California in 1993 after a long and rewarding career with the Camden New Jersey Fire Department.  Mike attended Camden Community College and Rutgers University. He also studied at the St. John Neuromuscular Program prior to graduating from the Florida School of Healing Arts. Physical rehabilitation became his passion following numerous injuries endured as a Camden Firefighter. Upon starting Beach Family Rehabilitation in Huntington Beach California in 1993, Mike obtained certification on the proper use of the Med-X line of physical rehabilitation equipment from the University of San Diego to expand the practice’s capabilities.  Mike has  recently traveled the world, enjoying the small islands of the Caribbean.Mike is very active in the community, belonging to numerous organizations and clubs including the Sea Cliff Country Club in Huntington Beach.  Mike also has a keen interest in adapting and applying “green” philosophies in all of his personal and business endeavors.